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Cloud Computing

Our Cloud computing management products support the research and development of enterprise-level product applications in various industries, plug-in management, as well as the extensive integration of third-party software products, its powerful features and flexibility to meet the demand from a few people to enterprise of millions of people.

Sales Force Automation

• Opportunities automatically captured and the whole life process management

• Multiple sales process and all processes sales

• Multi-template-mail / SMS automatic periodic mass

• Variety of tasks (promote the sales situation, the customer contact situation, the task execution) automatic periodic e-mail and SMS alerts

Market activities

• Closed loop marketing and management

• Multi-channel marketing activities

• Assess the Return On Investment (ROI) for budget

• Perfect tracking from the marketing plan to the income

Product Management

• Catalog Management

• Price manual management

• Team receives accurate and timely product and pricing information


• Quote according to amount of orders

• Quotation tracking management

• Quote Details Management

Service Management

• Case, service request management, upgrade rules, processing rules

• solution management: program library, program library for automatic query and matching

• Call Center docking: docking with service system

• case history of all updates on case summary and comments

Contract Execution control

• Contract review of multi-template and multi-process; contract budgeting; procurement in advance

• Sales expenses budget (reimbursement of expenses as per project)

• Procurement cost budget (cost reimbursement as per project)

• Labor cost budget (Engineer signing work hours as per project)

Full costing of project

• Sales projects approved before using company's resources

• Sales expense reimbursement | cost of procurement | costs as per project

• Engineer signing work hours as per project

• Project approval and budget estimates | contract and project budgeting | project cost reimbursement system and project accounts | opportunity cost as per project

• Project profit and loss account | Project profit = income - costs - other

• Sales bonuses based on project profit | engineer’s bonus based on work hours

Office automation

• Workflow chart customization | workflow reminder | workflow automatically trigger e-mail / SMS

• Workflow automatically update field

• Automatic workflow task triggered | approval of customization | support countersigned approval rules

On-demand platform

• Customized fields | custom page layout| field-level security controls

• Custom report | list of custom | custom view

• Record customization type | custom search layout

Development of new applications

• Coding to develop applications | New Object | New Field | reports customization |integration of third-party application Web Service interface

Web integration of data and templates

• Web Submit Opportunity form |web submit an order form | Web submit the Service Support Form

• Historical data migration from other CRM | import | export data | data backup |

• Bulk data transfer quickly to solve staff leaving or transfer | Recycle Bin | Email Templates | SMS Templates


• Seven-step method allows business users and even the general manager can quickly build their own statements

• Sales analysis

• Marketing analysis

• Real-time data for decision makers to make the latest forecast